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Рисуете мышкой кривой силуэт котика, а программа (см. ссылку) заполняет его:

Там же есть аналогичные развлекушки для домиков, сумочек и туфелек.
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I once took a cat into the vet. It was my first time there so I had to fill out a form. One of the things they wanted to know was the pet’s species.

Crap. I dug deep into the part of my brain that was supposed to be holding on to my high school Latin, but I just couldn’t quite get it. I made a stab – felis domesticatus – no, can’t be right.

I walked up to the lady at the desk.

“Do people really know this?”

“Know what?”

“The species of their pet.”

“Yeah, usually.”

I pointed at my cat. “What’s this?”

She blinked, then answered, “It’s a cat.”

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